Digitech PDS 1000 & 1002 Digital Delay

Digitech is a division of the DOD company. It was founded in the mid-eighties to develop high-tech digital effects. The PDS-1000 had one good second delay instead the PDS-1002 had two seconds delay. The sound resolution of these pedals was very poor respect today but probably that low-res made them so great! They have two footswitches cause the left switch hooks the repeats to infinite and you can do a sort of overdub too.They works with battery or with a +10V adapter but 9 volts are okay too!

Pictures: PDS-1000 - PDS-1002 - PDS-1000 Board - PDS-1002 Board - Rear - Trim Clock - Fine Trim Clock

Links: http://www.digitech.com



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