Friends Of Snowman

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burnt recordings:
  DVD 1
The First 19 Minutes 19:35
recorded live at Laboratorio Occupato P.A.Z. (stereo)
Rimini 14 December 2005
Music by MG/MP
Films by Jacques Yves Cousteau

Zen Meditation 43:24
recorded live at Met’s House (stereo)
Faenza 05 January 2006
Music by MG/MP
Photographs by Hans Hendriksen

Matteo Poggi: guitar
Michele Garzanti: guitar

Menù music recorded live at Arcangea
Gemmano, September 2005
Cover photo by M.Garzanti.
All tracks are recorded live with 2euro noname microphones into an analog tape cassette two channels recorder.

Sound and Video Edit/Mix at Sonicurbs studio by M.Garzanti and Matteo Poggi


NEW: CARTON PACKAGE - 2 CD-R Vinyl packaging in an artwork.